Aurvista Gold (AVA.V) Update

The Valuation / Opportunity

  • Aurvista currently trading at only ~$13USD/OZ (~$50M MC – CAD)
  • Recently completed ~24,000 metres of drilling not included in latest Resource Estimate
  • The Company has refined it’s go-forward exploration plans and is preparing for next round of ~30,000 metres this winter, which will include resource extension/expansion drilling and greenfields/discovery drilling
  • As awareness increases the Company should see a re-rating based on the current asset and strong team now behind it…not to mention any further drilling success, new discoveries, resource growth or strength in the gold market — any combination of which are very possible in the months ahead

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BergDex Pick XMG Included In The New CSE25 Index

The Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) is introducing a new index comprised of the securities of the largest companies trading on the exchange.

The CSE25 Index is a subgroup of the CSE Composite Index. The composite index launched in 2015 and includes almost half of the exchange’s listed companies and covers over 75% of the trading activity on the exchange. The new index includes the top twenty-five securities by market capitalization contained in the composite index. These companies account for over 50% of the weighting in the larger index and are typically stocks that attract considerable trading volume.

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Is the BergDex Trio Barking up the Right Tree with Noble (NOB.V)?

The BergDex trio are convinced that Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. (NOB.V) has serious blue sky potential.

​NOB.V holds 100% interest in Project 81 – a continuous parcel of land (about 70,000 hectares) covering 10 Townships immediately north of the Kidd Creek Mine. Since 1966, over 150 million tons of ore valued at $50 Billion have been extracted from that mine.

Today NOB.V closed the final tranche in a $2M financing.

NOB.V will be drilling​ known gold and nickel​ ​zones and potential base metal targets identified by modern airborne surveys. They ​think there is a chance of finding another major deposit, as it has been under-explored over the last 50 years (NOB.V purchased the property from a Timber company in 2012).
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Newrange Gold (NRG.V) Will Test The BergDex Trio’s Metal

BergDex TrioIt looks like Team BergDex will continue their winning streak in 2017. After hitting 4 out of the top five best performing (out of 1200) mining stocks in 2016. There are many reasons to argue that NRG.V may be their next winner.

Dr. Sethu Raman (Dr. 7/11 for discovering 11 mineral deposits with 7 becoming gold mines in Canada) may have to change his nick-number to Dr.7/12 if exploration goes as expected, for the happy shareholders.

Sam explained that when Dr. Raman observed the historical, and most recent data from the Pamlico project in Nevada, his eyes grew wider and wider – something he hasn’t observed in 17 years, over hundreds of deals.

The odds are a little more in your favor, when Canada’s most prolific mine-finder gives the OK to a specific set of rocks. This is when odds expert, Robert Hirschberg steps in. In 38 years, and over 500 investments, he sees NRG as a great opportunity, and a fascinating story. He considers it to be an honor and a privilege to be part of it from the beginning.
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