Newrange Gold (NRG.V) Will Test The BergDex Trio’s Metal

BergDex TrioIt looks like Team BergDex will continue their winning streak in 2017. After hitting 4 out of the top five best performing (out of 1200) mining stocks in 2016. There are many reasons to argue that NRG.V may be their next winner.

Dr. Sethu Raman (Dr. 7/11 for discovering 11 mineral deposits with 7 becoming gold mines in Canada) may have to change his nick-number to Dr.7/12 if exploration goes as expected, for the happy shareholders.

Sam explained that when Dr. Raman observed the historical, and most recent data from the Pamlico project in Nevada, his eyes grew wider and wider – something he hasn’t observed in 17 years, over hundreds of deals.

The odds are a little more in your favor, when Canada’s most prolific mine-finder gives the OK to a specific set of rocks. This is when odds expert, Robert Hirschberg steps in. In 38 years, and over 500 investments, he sees NRG as a great opportunity, and a fascinating story. He considers it to be an honor and a privilege to be part of it from the beginning.

Historical production reaped buckets of gold. Fairly recent private exploration (leading up to 2010) yielded several ore grade intercepts close to surface. Time will tell if the feeder zone is below the hundred plus mapped veins. That’s the gamble.

What a great opportunity (and story) for us that the majors missed this one, so far.

If the spring drilling goes as planned, it won’t be long before enquires from places like Spruce Road in Elko or Chukar Lane in Battle Mountain – Nevada, line up for CA’s.

One must take Dr. Raman’s analysis very seriously. Rocks sampled by geologists for over a century in Ontario and Quebec, turned into seven gold producers with his unique set of skills.

Dr. Raman’s assessment of the NRG Pamlico property:

  • High grade gold discovery potential (none found in last 10 years) in one of the richest historical gold districts (famous Comstock and Round Mountain Mines) in Nevada.
  • Pamlico property (option to earn 100%) was held privately for more than 100 years and remains largely unexplored by modern surveys. Permitted for small scale mining.
  • Over 100 veins near surface with multiple historic gold mines (shipped ore assaying 125 OZ/T in 1886) and limited diamond drill holes (-60m holes) with intersections ranging from 38 g/t over 7m & 700 g/t over 0.8m.
  • In 2013, owners put a 600 ft decline into Merritt zone, ran out of money, and decided to sell the property to NRG. The underground decline was not even sampled.
  • Recent channel sampling (0- 60 ft from portal) by NRG confirmed high grade veins (17g/t over 13.8m, 11g/t over 4.6m) and mineralized wall rock up to 7 g/t gold.
  • Prelim data show many geological similarities to high grade Midas and Klondex Fire Creek gold mines. Expecting a huge geophysical anomaly at depth.
  • CEO Robert Carrington has 40 years experience in Nevada. This week he is sampling the rest of the decline/ramp.
  • Tight share structure 56M issued (70% held by 20 long term shareholders).
  • NRG.V holds two 100% owned Colombian properties (over $10M spent), estimated 2-3 M oz Au-Cu porphyry cut by high grade veins (43-101 report in 2nd quarter) is the back stop.
  • Expecting sampling results soon. Drilling planned for Late April.

If NRG announces a large geophysical anomaly at depth, North American junior mining analysts should take notice.

James West on NRG.V

“The Pamlico project is a real exciting high grade discovery – potentially one of the highest grade discoveries in the U.S. this century.”

Newrange Gold Corp’s Pamlico Project is Raising Eyebrows


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